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Safety Advice(PDF)
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Car EMF Safety

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Recommendations for Selecting a Low EMF Car

Modern cars often have high magnetic fields, high intermediate radio-frequencies, or a combination of both. These can be measured with: a Gaussmeter and a handheld radio on the AM setting. An RF meter may also be useful to check for wireless radiation.

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How to Measure a Car for Magnetic Fields and Radio-Frequencies

The car pictured at left has fairly reasonable levels of EMF's as long as the front seat is moved as far back as possible.

The gaussmeter can be tested in multiple locations such as the steering wheel, ignition, front seats, backseats, head level, seat level, and foot area. The Trifield meter may not be the most accurate meter (see the next video for an example), but it's still useful for comparison.

The AM radio is oriented in different directions, and tried on different frequencies, starting with the lowest one possible frequency. It should also be checked in multiple locations. Various electronics in the car may emit their own frequencies, so it may be helpful to choose a base model with minimal electronics.

Hybrid Car

The hybrid car pictured at left has fairly high levels of magnetic fields, especially in the back seat (91 mG!).

The video demonstrates the magnetic field measurement at the steering wheel, ignition, floor area, seat area, head level, and backseat.

Note how the Trifield meter tends to have higher measurements than the Bell 4180 meter. Keep in mind that it is less accurate and that it is also frequency weighted such that higher frequencies are given higher readings. Still, this may actually be useful from a health perspective.


It has been reported that 6-cylinder petrol engines or diesel engines may be more tolerable to those with EMF sensitivity, in comparison to regular 4-cylinder petrol engines. However, with diesel cars, this pertained mostly to antique Mercedes Benz diesel engines, which may come with higher maintenance costs, and possibly less airbags if you go far back enough.

With modern cars, however, all EMF's should be checked together-- not just those from the engine, but those from other electronic features of the car as well, such as the dashboard, ignition, air conditioning, and stereo system. Modern cars may be required to have more electronics for tracking mileage per gallon, thus adding other sources of intermediate frequencies.

What to Do if You're Electrosensitive

Some people with electrosensitivity cannot tolerate the EMF's of certain cars. The following are some ideas that can help make a car more tolerable.

Other Ideas to Lower EMF


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