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Nutrition for Wireless Radiation Protection

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The adverse health effects of wireless technologies and other types of EMF can be exacerbated both by deficiency of key nutrients (e.g., antioxidants) or toxicity (e.g., metal toxicity). The good news is that some foods and supplements can provide some protection against wireless health effects. Below, where key nutrients are suggested for healing the effects of EMF, recommendations are provided for either natural sources (through food) and/or nutritional supplements (such as vitamins). The best solution, however, is still to reduce EMF exposures to begin with, because EMF not only leads to biological damage, but also to reduced ability to repair this damage. For more recommendations, check out our blog articles.

Disclaimer: The author is not a physician. Please check with your physician before making changes to your diet. Both food and vitamins may be subject to varying quality, depending upon increasing use of GMO and pesticides, contaminated or depleted soils, artificial vitamins and fillers, and should be chosen with care.

Protection through Nutrition


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, OPT, and Qi Gong

Keep in mind that from the standpoint of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, some of the healing foods above may be too cold (yin), and may need to be balanced with hot (yang) foods, such as ginger. A search on the internet can help one to identify which foods are yang. Adaptogenic herbs, such as American ginseng, may also be able to help balance yin and yang.

Alternative medicine, such as acupressure and qi-gong, may provide some benefits for those who are electrosensitive. Acupressure operates under the assumption that the human has electrical channels called meridians. Knowledge of acupressure may be helpful to rebalance the electrical system after interference from external sources. Different points may trigger either the sympathetic or parasympathetic system, similar to EMF. It may be helpful to apply acupressure to certain areas around the ear, back of the head, and neck, especially points found in original point therapy (OPT). Various exercises related to acupressure can also help against calcium loss might potentially be helpful against EMF's calcium efflux effect, and boost the immune system. Qi Gong is another Chinese Medicine practice, of which Tai Chi may be said to be one of the forms. It also has potential to help people to achieve better balance within their energy system.

Concerns Regarding Silver Amalgam Fillings

There have been some reports in the Swedish experience in Black on White, linking microwave sickness to dental appointments involving silver mercury amalgam fillings. (EMF exposure may result in greater release of mercury from the filling, and metals in the body may result in increased RF energy exposure.) Replacing silver fillings with white plastic fillings, when done properly, has been reported to help some individuals in recovering from symptoms. Check that your dentist follows appropriate procedures (e.g., IAOMT protocol) to reduce mercury exposure during amalgam removal. For example, one method to reduce mercury exposure involves using a Rubber Dam. Check also for recommendations of nutritional support before and after, as well as procedures to minimize inhalation of mercury during the removal. See Dr. Russell Blaylock's Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life for more information. Some individuals take a step further to check for the chemical safety/biocompatibility of the composite fillings.

Some have recommended protocols for detoxification, such as that of Dr. Klinghardt. However, exercise great caution, as the excretion of mercury in the body could potentially move mercury into areas where it can cause damage and make things much worse. It may be safer to rely upon our body's natural detoxification, rather than attempt aggressive detoxification. According to Dr. Blaylock, long-term use of aged garlic may be helpful as a milder method of detoxification.

Other Considerations: Metal Objects

The presence of metal implants within tissue may result in excess heating due to increased RF energy absorption. Thus, it is advisable in high microwave environments to minimize use of metal implants, metal-rimmed eyeglasses, metal wires in orthodontic braces and mouthgards, metal crowns/bridges/fillings, as well as the wearing of metallic objects such as metal belts and jewelry (See Kane, 33-34). One may also want to avoid coils in mattresses, e.g., try a Tempurpedic mattress or futon mattress— one that is free of dangerous flame retardants -- wool or organic latex may in some cases be a good option.


Exercise can impact the brain in beneficial ways, including stimulation of new brain cell production in the area of the brain important for learning and memory. (Meditation and laughing may also be beneficial to one's mental health.)

Recommendation: Exercising at least 30 minutes a day 4 days a week is recommended. You may want to avoid excessive, vigorous exercise, however, as that may increase one's free radical load. Strength-training, such as with the use of resistance bands, may be a helpful form of exercise.

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