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Safety Advice(PDF)
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This website aims to provide a rational and scientific perspective on electromagnetic fields, as well as precautionary and prevention measures to minimize health risks. We can no longer ignore this invisible health risk. EMF's may adversely impact the human heart, nervous system, immune system, reproductive system, and DNA (with its electrical conductivity properties). The cumulative evidence indicates that even nonionizing, nonthermal radiation can result in harmful biological effects. For an in-depth report by independent researchers, see the Bioinitiative Report.

In 2011, the World Health Organization / IARC finally declared that RadioFrequency Radiation is a Group 2B possible carcinogen. Prior to this, in 2002, the IARC declared AC magnetic Fields (ELF-EMF) a Group 2B possible carcinogen. More and more independent experts are becoming aware of the health risks of EMF. However, technologies are continually evolving, and the general population is unaware of the long-term dangers of their everyday exposures. They may mistakenly believe that public health organizations are protecting them.

Carcinogens like cigarettes may take decades on average before their harm becomes apparent. The signs of neurological disease may not be apparent until a significant percentage of neurons have been damaged. By the time that harm is detected, it may be irreversible. The popularity of wireless technologies is recent. No one knows exactly what the impact will be 30 years from now, but there are already warning signs. Cancer is not the only concern. Scientists have also become aware of the potential effects of EMF's on neurological degeneration/dementia and infertility.

With the growing proliferation of cell towers, smart meters, and other sources of continual EMF's, we cannot afford any longer to be ignorant on the growing scientific and epidemiological evidence for harm. People need to be educated on how to adopt precautionary measures to use technology more safely. In addition to wireless technologies, people need to be educated on how to reduce exposure to AC magnetic fields, Intermediate Frequencies, and Electric fields. In particular, growing numbers of people are developing electrohypersensitive, and need to take special precautions. It is recommended that everyone adopt precautionary measures. Perhaps in doing so, some health conditions of otherwise unknown cause will also be alleviated.

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