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24x7 Radiation Sources

Previously, many wireles technologies had a standby mode. They primarily transmitted information only when one was making a phone call. However, in the last two or three decades, technologies have been increasingly eliminating the standby mode, allowing us to be exposed to non-stop radiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when we are not actively using it.

Although their output power may be lower than that of a cell phone, the problem is that the output power is often still above the threshold needed for biological effects. A growing number of people are developing wireless radiation sickness and can no longer tolerate such chronic exposures.

Some governments are issuing precautionary advice not only for cell phones, but also for Wi-Fi and DECT cordless phone systems/baby monitors. Read the Government Advice about cell phones, Wi-Fi, and DECT.


24x7 Cell Towers
In 1996, due to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, local governments lost the right to protest cell towers on health grounds, thus encouraging the rapid proliferation of cell towers. Survey studies in several countries have shown increased health symptoms within 300-400 meters of cell towers, and the cancer risk also increases near cell towers.

24x7 "Smart" Meters
Smart meters are a new type of meter being deployed throughout the world that would wirelessly transmit electric (gas, or water) utility usage info to the utility, such that a meter reader is no longer required. Many people, however, have complained of the health symptoms caused by continual high exposures to smart meter radiation. Moratoriums have been imposed in multiple counties and cities to stop further installations. Some models are said to be stronger than cell phones.

24x7 Wi-Fi Router
Wi-Fi entered the market around 1998-1999 and has grown in popularity with internet cafes and free internet hotspots. It is now almost the default for a household with internet service to come with Wi-Fi included. A Wi-Fi router transmits 24X7 even when no computer is connected. Similarly, some wireless printers, projectors, and other Wi-Fi peripherals also transmit 24x7, and there is not always a software option to disable it. Despite the fact that it can be lower in power than a cell phone, it is still above the biological threshold.

24x7 Cordless Phone Base Stations (Digital cordless phones like DECT)
Most of the digital cordless systems, unlike older analog cordless systems, have base stations which transmit continuously the moment they are plugged in. DECT phones can have a peak transmit power of ~250mW, similar to cell phones. A recent study showed that some people experience tachycardia (rapid heart rate) near the home station under double-blind conditions. Nations like Israel are recommending precautions for cordless phones, including the base station. In contrast, Old-fashioned Cordless Phones had standby modes..

Smart Phones (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.)
Depending upon your smart phone configuration, you could have a phone that is transmitting continuously, i.e., at least once a minute or two, even when not actively used. Beware that the auto-sync intervals are not set too frequently.
In contrast, Old-fashioned Cell Phone service employed standby mode.

24x7 Electric Fields from Unshielded (Romex) Wiring in Walls and Floors and unshielded appliance power cords.

Click on the links above for more details on each of the above sources of continual radiation.

As wireless technology has been (1) evolving and (2) proliferating, larger numbers are being affected in their health. The chronic, cumulative effects of changes made only 15 to 20 years ago are starting to be seen. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi started around 1998-1999, a little over a decade ago. DECT cordless phones are also a relatively new introduction, as compared to the older analog cordless phone. Beginning in 1996, when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 removed the right to refuse cell towers for health reasons, base stations also started to proliferate everywhere, including building tops. Anecdotes abound of people on the top floors of apartment buildings suffering strange symptoms. The cell tower technology has also evolved to 3rd Generation (3G) technology, and now 4G, 5G, and WiMax.

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