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Popular Magazine Articles

Cell Phones
Cell Phone and Cigarettes presentation by Magda Havas Reception at Commonwealth Club for Devra Davis's new book Disconnect
Cell Towers/Mobile Phone Masts
Indicates that people who live near cell towers may develop
hypersensitivity to modern life in a short timespan.
Read "My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Towers", a moving testimony
by Veronica Ciandre, March 20, 2010.
Learn why Eileen O' Connor, breast cancer victim,
is campaigning against mobile phone masts, and how
she also developed symptoms near mobile phone masts.
DECT Cordless Phone Systems
Learn how low exposures like that of cordless phones
can affect the heart. Read Magda Havas's petition
Learn how short exposures to cordless phones
can affect the blood.
BBC Panorama, Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal
Wi-Fi could be giving you more radiation than a cell tower
See Does WiFi in schools pose a health risk? presentation
by Graham Philips
Children in schools with Wi-Fi enabled may be vulnerable.
See Wi-Fi pamphlet

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